Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Yes Yes Yall...

And ya don't stop! Good friend and talented designer Nessim Higson and friends have this gem of a site where you can here the latest jams. In their own words, "We’ve gone back and forth on the idea of creating a space where we bring forth the conversations we have on a daily basis and share with everyone else. Share the music that has caught our attention, grasped our imagination and won’t let go. If you enjoy what we post and talk about – we encourage you to support the artist by buying their music or seeing them perform. As of right now there’s three of us, Ness, Josh and Kenneth holding down the fort ( Kenneth – Josh wanted his name before yours. ) If ya got suggestions of something sizzling your ears – please let us know – would love to share with everyone or hell – listen to it ourselves. BTW, for those of you that like to speed up Flying Lotus’s 1983, Kenneth hates you. Peace…" There you have it! In the words of Teddy Riley, " Jam Oh Jam"


I just wanted to share some news with all of you. We were invited by the good people at the Ba Rock Brooklyn to vend at an Obama Fundraiser over the weekend in Greenpoint Brooklyn! It was an amazing experience! Great bands played four different venues til the early morning! We were set up right in front of the Lost & Found watering hole. A good showing of supporters and more importantly $3000 was raised for the campaign to elect Barack Obama! There are more shirts available too for those who are interested. A portion of the proceeds go to the fund to elect Barack

Monday, August 4, 2008

J Dilla Donuts Print

Print for perennial beatsmith James Yancey aka J Dilla. Limited run of 50 off-set posters are for sale here. Printed on 80lb water color. Rest in peace Dilla.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Work Can be Fun

My whole month of May was completely consumed by Work and June is not looking much different. I'm not complaining at all but more akin to testifying. You'd be surprised what you can do in short amount of time if all your ducks are in a row. With that said I also played a good amount too. I guess I'm kinda patting myself on the back for breaking through and expanding. Whoo Ha Got you al in check!

To give you a bit of context to the pic above...I just like type and post-its together. Mmm...post-its and type. Can I Live?

In other news I'm also, getting hella fat...ya boy's been eating. Referred to in some circles as "Gettin' It In". That four pack has morph into a loaf of bread. Hey Ladieeeeees my Mercedeeeeeees!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Merrill = Murder from the I Love My Friends Project

Here's the deal, I love my friends and I'm not the best at keeping in contact with them. But I want my peoples (you) to know that I think about them and their well being quite often. So I'm embarking on a series of type executions made up of things that remind me of that person's best quality.

The first person in this series is Merrill! Known to his buds as an all around good natured a**hole. I hate this guy so much it might appear like love to a pedestrian but it's hate at it's finest. Ah...Hate. Merrill has a sharp wit to the point where it feels like you have been stabbed in the arse. Those Paco jeans you had on are ruined and rightly so! Dammit Merrill! Caution to all who encounter Merrill, if you dish it out be sure you can handle the fallout. He'll have you crying tears of pain, kicking rocks and wishing you thought of that comeback about his Aunt hours ago. Xacto Razor blades lovingly spell out Merrill which is equivalent to the Murder of your self esteem. In all seriousness, Merrill is one of my best friends and irreplaceable. Cheers to Merrill!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

RollingStone Summer Tour Guide Map!

Yes ladies and gents it's true. Sleezy and I have once again collaborated on a map for RollingStone's website. Never thought we'd be making style maps for a living but that seems to be the amazing case! This map is for all the Summer Tours in the good'ol US of A! It's pretty comprehensive and should provide all the info you'll ever need this summer. So crack a beer or crack open a vile of that cook-up. Touch the Sky!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

YumYum Chefs Launches!!!

I'm pleased to announce the website launch of YY Chefs. Here's the skinny. You are a busy New Yorker, going to work, filling up your social cup like there is a fountain near by. Then you're left with no time to eat proper meals at home. Make your parents proud and take advantage of the services YY Chefs provides! This great company not only provides weekly meal service but they also do dinner parties and catering! You'll be hard pressed to find a nicer bunch of people with the skill and talent they possess. Oh, I almost forgot they make these delicious Red Velvet Cupcakes that make you want to have a sit down with your Aunt and ask her why she didn't make these when you were a kid. The reasoning she would come up with just makes you shake your head in disappointment while walking away.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

All Year Round Hoodie Weather

So, this my second post on hoodies and I think my last, I'm kinda hoodied out. Remember when I posted the off the shelf hoodie, well above is it's more expensive cousin. Whatevs.

You know how all those trendhumpers started rockn' all over print tees and sweatshirts. Yeah, they were usually accompanied by another trend like bracelets inspired by the opening credits for Saved By The Bell. It was cool at first then you realize your 30 and you really don't want to bring anymore attention to yourself by wearing a pattern of primates all over your chest and back. Simultaneously, you figure out you're truely jealous because Nigo wasn't making cool ish when you were a kid and everything goes back on the rack and you walk out of the boutique not really knowing what you've become. Sigh. Well I got the opportunity to counter all the ridiculousness, by designing the official KCA hoodie for 2008. I decided to put all hot graphix on the inside, leaving the outside clean like Massimo Vignelli. OH SNAP! You wouldn't rock your organs on top of your skin... would you? This hoodie was created for the KCA's of 2008 and even though it wasn't as dope as Chris Brown's, I assure you there are no blatant logo violations. Actually Chris can only wear his once and feel appropriate, while you can wear this til you're old and 30. Say Word.

Seems the joke is on you Chris! The leather and platinum encrusted sweatshirt has an expiration date. 20G's down the drain! Hahahaha. Or maybe the joke is me b/c I'm typing this right now in my cube with my timeless hoodie on. A mere parting gift for not being better at life. Nah, I'm cool... don't touch me... I'm cool, I'm cool

Friday, April 4, 2008

Drawing on the Plane

So I just got back from LA. Ish was crackn' but I'm glad to be back in BK where it's safe. I did these drawings on the long flight back. These are inspired by my down hill experience snow boarding at Big Bear Mountain! Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Off The Shelf Hoodie also Found to be Off tha Chain!

I feel like in the year 2025, we as humans will have compromised the mother ert enough so that it will be all year round hoodie weather. Whoo-hoo! This will then end the beloved tradition of shirts and skins and start a new tradition of sweatshirt classicism. The debates will grow to include cashmere and velour? I think you get it, we are screwed! But it's the year of 2008, hoodies are only partly year round and it's close to the Kids' Choice Awards. Oh Snap! Pictured is the less expensive but equally dope KCA Hoodie. Ish is kinda crackn' if I do say so myself. Get you some!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Blank blah, blah, blah, blah Blank

Working on my new identity! Yeah, try fixing your face. Seriously, this is a self-promo tee. I'm looking to drum up some more freelance. Everybody loves tees! Don't they...don't they....answer me! What is wrong with you...oh yeah your aluminum body only responds to key strokes. Sorry baby, I didn't mean it. What's that? ....Oh, I will


What's happening in politics currently is no doubt fascinating but man...I gotta say. This guy is making everybody wanna step their game up, including yours truly. This is an overt nod to Barack of course but also a statement about staying positive in the face of negativity. Put that smile on!

These tees are presently being made and they should be ready in three weeks or so. If you're into them email me. Shirts are alternative apparel. Google it, I'm still trying figure how to do links.

B's Chalkboard Wall

On a nice enough to day in Brooklyn, actually this past Sunday. Me a my homie B were getting real nerdy at his apt. You know, flipping through comics, sketching and wondering why Nigo makes so much mf'n money. B was in the middle of cleaning and asked me to draw some stuff on his wall. I obliged

Ill Slime Exploratory for Nickelodeon

Ok, I was pretty excited about this actually being out in the universe in a big way. I can't get into specifics about what we are doing here at Nick besides it pertaining to Slime . I can get into how these beautiful creations were killed for being too pretty. That's really the extent of the story, they were just kind of like, "not so much" Although the strategy of Slime has changed, I still like what I did. May the world feast upon them in a small way.

Type Made from Slim Post-its

I've been kind of obsessed with type lately. Especially type made from otherwise useless office organizational instruments.
This posting is self indulgent but successfully demonstrates an unwillingness to be bored. Say word.