Thursday, May 29, 2008

RollingStone Summer Tour Guide Map!

Yes ladies and gents it's true. Sleezy and I have once again collaborated on a map for RollingStone's website. Never thought we'd be making style maps for a living but that seems to be the amazing case! This map is for all the Summer Tours in the good'ol US of A! It's pretty comprehensive and should provide all the info you'll ever need this summer. So crack a beer or crack open a vile of that cook-up. Touch the Sky!


Adam said...

hey man, i really like the ba rock shirt. are they available. i'm at hit me up. good looks...

The Pressure™ said...

Dope map!

Ha. My "word verification" below is "dizat."

I'm going to make "dizat" a new slang term.