Wednesday, April 9, 2008

All Year Round Hoodie Weather

So, this my second post on hoodies and I think my last, I'm kinda hoodied out. Remember when I posted the off the shelf hoodie, well above is it's more expensive cousin. Whatevs.

You know how all those trendhumpers started rockn' all over print tees and sweatshirts. Yeah, they were usually accompanied by another trend like bracelets inspired by the opening credits for Saved By The Bell. It was cool at first then you realize your 30 and you really don't want to bring anymore attention to yourself by wearing a pattern of primates all over your chest and back. Simultaneously, you figure out you're truely jealous because Nigo wasn't making cool ish when you were a kid and everything goes back on the rack and you walk out of the boutique not really knowing what you've become. Sigh. Well I got the opportunity to counter all the ridiculousness, by designing the official KCA hoodie for 2008. I decided to put all hot graphix on the inside, leaving the outside clean like Massimo Vignelli. OH SNAP! You wouldn't rock your organs on top of your skin... would you? This hoodie was created for the KCA's of 2008 and even though it wasn't as dope as Chris Brown's, I assure you there are no blatant logo violations. Actually Chris can only wear his once and feel appropriate, while you can wear this til you're old and 30. Say Word.

Seems the joke is on you Chris! The leather and platinum encrusted sweatshirt has an expiration date. 20G's down the drain! Hahahaha. Or maybe the joke is me b/c I'm typing this right now in my cube with my timeless hoodie on. A mere parting gift for not being better at life. Nah, I'm cool... don't touch me... I'm cool, I'm cool

Friday, April 4, 2008

Drawing on the Plane

So I just got back from LA. Ish was crackn' but I'm glad to be back in BK where it's safe. I did these drawings on the long flight back. These are inspired by my down hill experience snow boarding at Big Bear Mountain! Enjoy!