Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Let Gap Evolve.

Hi Friends,

I’m upset that people have so much to say about any rebrand or redesign. Some are not great, some are tweaks on the previous logos and some are amazing. The new gap logo (well, dead logo) to me is about two clicks past the old design if we used a logo dial. People in general are adverse to change and especially now. Most people will never like anything new because in some weird way, when brands evolve and they haven’t, then it reminds us of how much in rut we are in. So next time you’re mad about something evolving, instead of talking trash, look at your life and evolve for god’s sake! The only thing we can learn from Gap’s most recent issues, is how not be cowards and stick to our guns. It’s all we got! I like the new logo. It’s not amazing but it’s refreshed and b/c that gap jean jacket have is now vintage.

One more thing: Logos were never meant to be the whole campaign. Unless for short term projects or promotions. Corporate logos are the punctuation and the brand is the sentence that comes before it. Logos don’t have to do as much heavy lifting as they did in the past b/c the environment the logo lives in is what everybody cares about. As with Gap. I know when I go to a Gap Store, they have the basics and every so often a really nice shirt. Gap is affordable and utilitarian with a pinch of style. This new logo and the previous both say that to me. So you* think you* could have designed the logo because it’s simple. Guess what Jay-Z makes rapping seem effortless. They make it look easy b/c they are that good! And there’s more to a logo that just it’s form. Make room for new designs and embrace a new illusion or a refreshed one.

Picture above taken from Fast Company's Design Blog.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


When the song "Elevators" was released, this hook ( for which this typography/graphic was inspired from ) was the anti-hook. It curled around corners and walked right beside you like a kind stranger. Then it was gone right when you started to understand. You couldn't wait until the next reprise so you could hear it once again. It's an amazing lullaby, who's pacing and breaths made you want to have a life with the same air. This piece is that to me simple, interesting, elegant and going for a ride. Lately, Outkast has been on steady shuffle and repeat. This usually happens during introspective days or periods for me.

I'm looking into using the letterpress technique on this design. 18"X24" or 30"X40

credit: A modified Stymie Hairline

Monday, July 5, 2010

André 3000

Aquemini is one my favorite songs of all time and happens to include a genius lyric by 3000.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th!

If you can guess who this is in the image. I'll send you a pack of vintage Yo! MTV Raps trading cards. Yep, I got'em.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Meaning of Life

I had to extract and highlight a portion of this aim conversation I had with Bryan Collins. The most delightfully positive person and a awesome art director/designer/artist to boot! We were just catching up and he'd typed some brilliance and I was inspired to create a design around it! Enjoy!

Salt Water Taffy!

Over the Memorial Day Holiday my Fianceé and I traveled to the rustic beaches of Delaware. We met the family for a few relaxing days at the Broadkill beach house. One day we struck out and hit the board walk at Rehobeth and I took this picture! I love taffy and typography with flourishes and flows, it reminds Bello Pro... delicious!

The Blotter: While we were eating boardwalk fries, a clearly drunken and possibly meth addicted man of age asked me for "A" fry.
I was feeling nice and generous, so i obliged. As he pulled the fry out some others fell to the ground. He devoured the fry I donated and proceeded to eat the fries off the ground. Then proudly proclaimed, "The 5 second rule". His female companion seemed embarrassed at that point and started to back away. Finally, the man of age tried to chat me up... I with the help of Faith (Gracia's sister) shut him down.
He blankly lingered then walked away and it seemed that he wanted to make more of a connection but I couldn't risk more fries.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Here and Back

When I'm not being an a**hole. I like to think about fun positive things. Like iced cream and typography. Well, one day in the not so distant past, I had a positive thought. What if everyday everyone thought of their daily commute and happenings in between as a "Victory Lap". Road rage would be reduced to "road". Smart Ass NY Kids w/out headphones for their musical electronics wouldn't annoy you on the subway. You might find yourself embracing Miley Cyrus' tunes (please don't). You get what I'm saying. Gents, puff out your chest and take your style up a notch! Ladies, walk like everyone works for you! Act like you won the race for the day.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's been too long

I've been busy with life/work and forgot how much pleasure keeping a digital journal gave me. So, I'll be making regular posts from now until infinity. Laters.