Saturday, June 26, 2010

Salt Water Taffy!

Over the Memorial Day Holiday my Fianceé and I traveled to the rustic beaches of Delaware. We met the family for a few relaxing days at the Broadkill beach house. One day we struck out and hit the board walk at Rehobeth and I took this picture! I love taffy and typography with flourishes and flows, it reminds Bello Pro... delicious!

The Blotter: While we were eating boardwalk fries, a clearly drunken and possibly meth addicted man of age asked me for "A" fry.
I was feeling nice and generous, so i obliged. As he pulled the fry out some others fell to the ground. He devoured the fry I donated and proceeded to eat the fries off the ground. Then proudly proclaimed, "The 5 second rule". His female companion seemed embarrassed at that point and started to back away. Finally, the man of age tried to chat me up... I with the help of Faith (Gracia's sister) shut him down.
He blankly lingered then walked away and it seemed that he wanted to make more of a connection but I couldn't risk more fries.

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