Thursday, June 18, 2009

Adam Garcia's Typography included in Letter Cult's Best Type of the first half of '09

Yay Adam! You are very close to being insane. Awesome hand crafted typography! Enjoy more of Mr. Garcia's work aka The Pressure here and here.

I love type so much, I want to take behind the middle school and do drugs with it! Look at the other featured typies too, there are some names you need to get familiar with. And stop wearing the wrong New Balances!

Monday, June 8, 2009


My good bud, Nicole opened her studio to randoms all for the love art! Congrats Nicole and BOS 09! I'm proud of ya! Not sure who took the photo but when I find out I'll post the propers.

Practice Makes Better (Perfect)

So, I'm going to come off like an a**hole in this post. Well, maybe not. You decide.

To be good at anything you have to work really really hard... there's no other way to get around it! Bust a** or suck for the rest of your life. Any kind of talent that one has can be traced to the obsessions of that person. So when people say ish like you're lucky to have a job, I say f'you! Guess what? I've been drawing since the age of 2! When you do something all your life you better be good to great at it. If not, what's the point? So practice makes close to perfect. Work it out.

Above are typographic treatments I've been working on. I'm kinda obsessed with practicing forever


It's not everyday you get to witness greatness! Sunday morning Federer joined the ranks of Jordan, Woods and Gretzky with his 1st French Open Victory! Nadal (a clay court specialist) has owned the Open for the last three years but Federer owned it yesterday. Admittedly, I have always been impressed with the poise and grace the aforementioned athletes wield as they encounter various challenges. I use it as inspiration for myself to get through my own set of obstacles. As humans we all have tiny victories here and there and when that is added together it's a major victory! So when you get down about what you haven't done, look closely at what you have done and I'm sure you'll be smiling a lil' bit. I like looking at great performances b/c it reminds me of how great we all can be in the area we choose to focus most our energy.