Friday, May 22, 2009

Q Department Director Series: TWIN

Ok here we go... Around the beginning of April, I was invited to contribute a drawing for this show curated by TWiN (real-life twins Jonathan and Josh Baker) amply delivered with a session that in turn paid homage to their most influential albums. I was given A Tribe Called Quest to draw to. I know! Create a drawing whilst listening to one of your favorite groups of all time. For anybody that knows me half decently, I do this everyday in my sketchbook! I was given 30 mins to draw and as you'll see the video was sped up to 7mins and synced to the jams. I am really honored to be featured with 19 other talented artist and to top it all off I headed line the show! A big thanks to Josh and Jonathan for inviting me! Also, a special thank you to my girlfriend for all her support and encouragement! Read more here!