Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Off The Shelf Hoodie also Found to be Off tha Chain!

I feel like in the year 2025, we as humans will have compromised the mother ert enough so that it will be all year round hoodie weather. Whoo-hoo! This will then end the beloved tradition of shirts and skins and start a new tradition of sweatshirt classicism. The debates will grow to include cashmere and velour? I think you get it, we are screwed! But it's the year of 2008, hoodies are only partly year round and it's close to the Kids' Choice Awards. Oh Snap! Pictured is the less expensive but equally dope KCA Hoodie. Ish is kinda crackn' if I do say so myself. Get you some!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Blank blah, blah, blah, blah Blank

Working on my new identity! Yeah, try fixing your face. Seriously, this is a self-promo tee. I'm looking to drum up some more freelance. Everybody loves tees! Don't they...don't they....answer me! What is wrong with you...oh yeah your aluminum body only responds to key strokes. Sorry baby, I didn't mean it. What's that? ....Oh, I will


What's happening in politics currently is no doubt fascinating but man...I gotta say. This guy is making everybody wanna step their game up, including yours truly. This is an overt nod to Barack of course but also a statement about staying positive in the face of negativity. Put that smile on!

These tees are presently being made and they should be ready in three weeks or so. If you're into them email me. Shirts are alternative apparel. Google it, I'm still trying figure how to do links.

B's Chalkboard Wall

On a nice enough to day in Brooklyn, actually this past Sunday. Me a my homie B were getting real nerdy at his apt. You know, flipping through comics, sketching and wondering why Nigo makes so much mf'n money. B was in the middle of cleaning and asked me to draw some stuff on his wall. I obliged

Ill Slime Exploratory for Nickelodeon

Ok, I was pretty excited about this actually being out in the universe in a big way. I can't get into specifics about what we are doing here at Nick besides it pertaining to Slime . I can get into how these beautiful creations were killed for being too pretty. That's really the extent of the story, they were just kind of like, "not so much" Although the strategy of Slime has changed, I still like what I did. May the world feast upon them in a small way.

Type Made from Slim Post-its

I've been kind of obsessed with type lately. Especially type made from otherwise useless office organizational instruments.
This posting is self indulgent but successfully demonstrates an unwillingness to be bored. Say word.