Sunday, June 15, 2008

Merrill = Murder from the I Love My Friends Project

Here's the deal, I love my friends and I'm not the best at keeping in contact with them. But I want my peoples (you) to know that I think about them and their well being quite often. So I'm embarking on a series of type executions made up of things that remind me of that person's best quality.

The first person in this series is Merrill! Known to his buds as an all around good natured a**hole. I hate this guy so much it might appear like love to a pedestrian but it's hate at it's finest. Ah...Hate. Merrill has a sharp wit to the point where it feels like you have been stabbed in the arse. Those Paco jeans you had on are ruined and rightly so! Dammit Merrill! Caution to all who encounter Merrill, if you dish it out be sure you can handle the fallout. He'll have you crying tears of pain, kicking rocks and wishing you thought of that comeback about his Aunt hours ago. Xacto Razor blades lovingly spell out Merrill which is equivalent to the Murder of your self esteem. In all seriousness, Merrill is one of my best friends and irreplaceable. Cheers to Merrill!

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Jane said...

dayammmmmm. all i can hope is that my name is made up of cheeseburgers or something else racially motivated.