Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Yes Yes Yall...

And ya don't stop! Good friend and talented designer Nessim Higson and friends have this gem of a site where you can here the latest jams. In their own words, "We’ve gone back and forth on the idea of creating a space where we bring forth the conversations we have on a daily basis and share with everyone else. Share the music that has caught our attention, grasped our imagination and won’t let go. If you enjoy what we post and talk about – we encourage you to support the artist by buying their music or seeing them perform. As of right now there’s three of us, Ness, Josh and Kenneth holding down the fort ( Kenneth – Josh wanted his name before yours. ) If ya got suggestions of something sizzling your ears – please let us know – would love to share with everyone or hell – listen to it ourselves. BTW, for those of you that like to speed up Flying Lotus’s 1983, Kenneth hates you. Peace…" There you have it! In the words of Teddy Riley, " Jam Oh Jam"

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