Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Drake has been an easy target lately. With all the emo-introspective rap he's been cranking out, I forgot how many good songs he's already created. I went back and listened to the mix tapes, cameos and full albums. It's legit ya'll. This dude has been consistently cranking out hits and somewhat unexpected hits ( which, come to think of it might be the issue at heart ). He's currently being things hip-hop has never been. Specifically, vulnerable. It's easy to critique the person that puts himself out there fully. Which actually, presents another issue ya'll. As fans, we prefer our stars to be within sight but difficult to grasp. Drake is completely transparent, making him easy to "get at." So Drake, my bad holmes. You trusted me and I pounced ( Pause ). Whether you thought it is was a safe place or not... I messed up. Although, I wouldn't mind hearing a track like "Wilt Chamberlin" from time to time. Just Sayin'.

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